Dyno Tuning & Diagnostics

MTQ provide chassis dynamometer services for diesel engine tuning, engine emission systems testing and engine system analysis. Our Toowoomba, Townsville and Darwin branches have light vehicle dyno testing facilities while our Adelaide and Dandenong branches have light and heavy vehicle dyno testing facilities.

A printed analysis graph is provided for every MTQ customer as a reference. With safety and efficiency in mind, this diagnostic tool provides a quick and accurate reading on every aspect of vehicle performance, from engine performance to driveline vibration.

Scan tools are essential in servicing modern vehicles due to increasingly complex engine management systems. Due to this complexity, it is essential to have diagnostic assistance to communicate with the vehicle's multiple ECU's. MTQ have a comprehensive range of diagnostic scan tools available to aid in the collection and interpretation of the information these ECU's provide.

If your vehicle is not performing at its peak, MTQ can provide clarity through dyno testing and scan tools, potentially saving you time and money.

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