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Multi-Function Lithium Battery Booster Pack

12 Volt, 1,000 Amp - 24,000mAh Capacity - Part No: LV1994

The Powercon range of Multi-Function Jump Starters are perfect for starting 4, 6, and 8 cylinder cars, light trucks, ride on mowers, jet ski’s, motorcycles and generators. They are also ideal for charging electronic devices such as phones, tablets and laptops when you’re out and about. A range of adaptors are available for fast and easy charging.

Powercon utilises premium quality Lithium-lon Cobalt Battery technology for high power, longer charge retention and faster recharge via 240V or 12V chargers.

Range Features Include:

  • Available in 12V or 24V
  • Built-in battery management system
  • Low voltage warning/low voltage shut down
  • Reverse polarity indicator and alarm
  • 5V 1 & 2.1 AMP USB output for charging devices
  • Short circuit protection for jumper (shut down) and USB
  • Overload protection for jumper (shut down) and USB
  • Overcharge and over discharge circuitry built-in

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New Products